Hands-On Orthodontic and Advanced Dental Assisting - Including Practice Management


The course consists of 10 modules.  Each module has a lecture component and a “Hands-on” component.  The number of lectures in each module varies from 1-3 (one hour) lectures. 

These lectures are Power-Point presentations. Notes for these lectures are available in a ring-bound compilation.  


There are 10 modules.  The first 6 modules are Clinical and the last 4 are Practice Management modules.


The Modules are as follows:

1)    Introduction to Orthodontics

2)    Orthodontic Equipment, Instrumentation, Materials, and Infection Control (i.e. Sterilization Techniques)

3)    Diagnostics

4)    Treatment

5)    Maintenance and instructions on use and care of Fixed and Removable Appliances.

6)    Removal of Fixed Appliances and Retention.

7)    Administration

8)    Reception and Communication Skills

9)    Business Office Systems.

10)  Stock Control/ Repairs and Maintenance.


Course Structure



Content:             MODULES 1, 2, 3




A.    Familiarize students about orthodontics

B.    Give basic skills of orthodontic assisting and information gathering for diagnosis treatment planning

C.   Knowledge of clinical assisting




Content:                  MODULES 4, 5, 6.


A.    Get students to know about all the different types of appliances in orthodontics

B.    Layout of materials, preparing patients for braces, techniques for choosing bands, placement of wires, auxiliaries,removal of existing attachments, etc.

C.   Instructions , Maintenance and Care of Fixed and Removable appliances

D.   Removal of braces and follow up retention.




Content:            MODULES 7, 8, 9, 10.


A.    All aspects of administration of an Orthodontic practice (and normal dental practice) to align with common business principles

B.    Interperson, interstaff , interpractice relationships to promote good communication for a successful practice

C.   Business Office Systems to explain the working relationship between funders , patients and health providers

D.    How to control stock in a dental practice



 Who Attends?

  Oral Hygienists and Assistants can attend both the Clinical and Practice Management part of the training

Dental Therapists and Dentists can attend the Practice Management part of the training


Number of Students:  Maximum 10


Cost:   Made available on enquiry. Different rates apply for the 3 disciplines.

            Dental Assistants

            Oral Hygienists



1)     Includes all materials, tea and snacks

2)     Part of proceeds goes towards the Wentworth Foundation. See website:    


Starting date:                  2017 (Call for a more accurate view of the numbers attending)


Days when Course will be held:       Monday to Friday on the Designated weeks


Course times:                     08:00am – 17:00pm


Accreditation: A Certificate will be issued                  


CPD Points:                      This will apply for each part and will include points for ethics


Venue:                               195 Kenneth Kaunda Road

                                             Durban North


                                             (See website for directions)


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