Welcome to the New homepage of the Academy of Orthodontic and Advanced Dental Assisting......

Taking Hygienists and Dental Assistants to New Heights!

The Academy was conceived after personally experiencing a great deal of in convenience in hiring and training new assistants in specialist dental practices.  It is now an established fact that many doctors have the same problem regarding staff training.  The courses offered by the academy take Dental Assisting to a new level. It is designed for Hygienists and graduate or experienced Dental Assistants to master the art of assisting in a specialized field of dentistry. Both clinical and practice management is included in the course with a significant “Hands on” component.

The course will cover orthodontics. It will be geared towards training hygienists and experienced dental assistants in advanced dental assisting skills in orthodontics. It is envisaged that the other specialties of Prosthodontics, Periodontics and Maxillofacial surgery will also, eventually be covered. The training will be for specialist dental assisting, more advanced than normal dental assisting. Universities do not provide this level of training. The Certificate will be titled “Certificate in Advanced Dental Assisting For Specialized Dental Care”. Certificate of competency will also be given for successful completions of courses.